Minggu, 23 September 2012

Dialogue Giving Advice


Mr.adhi is complaining about his headache and Nurse Widhi is giving her advice.

Nurse Widhi    : Good morning Mr. Adhi, introduce my name nurse Widhi,
Mr Adhi          : Good morning Nurse Widhi, I’m fine.
Nurse Widhi    : Apparently you’re thinking about something? If I may know what you think?
Mr. Adhi         : I’m afraid my headaches will be getting worse, nurse.
Nurse Adhi     : Have you taken your medicine?
Mr. Adhi         : No, I haven’t. because I have not had breakfast, nurse.
Nurse Widhi  : You should immediately eat breakfast, so you can take medication, by taking medicine regularly, I’m sure you will be better soon.
Mr. Adhi         : Ok, I will do it now, thanks for you suggestion.
Nurse Widhi    : You are welcome, later today I will be back again to see your condition. The next time you need help just find me in a nursing.
Mr. Adhi: Ok. Nurse Widhi

Promptly at 1:00 pm, room nurse Widhi come to Mr. Adhi to see the condition of Mr. Adhi

Nurse Widhi    : Excuse me Mr. Adhi, may I come in?
Mr. Adhi         : Yes, please.
Nurse Widhi    : You can rest?
Mr. Adhi         : Yes Nurse
Nurse Widhi    : Nothing you complaining now?
Mr. Adhi         : No sisters, I feel better now
Nurse Widhi    : Ok, my suggestion is always keep your condition, regular eating and rest sufficiently
Mr. Adhi         : Well my sisters would implement suggestions, thanks for the advice.
Nurse Widhi    : you are welcome, happy to rest and get well